Mission Families

Every member and/or regular attendee of Grace Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) belongs to one of our Mission Families.  These groups enjoy fellowship and take ownership of various projects at the church and in the community.  Each Mission Family is also responsible for church cleaning and Communion preparation duties during alternate months of the year.

See also: What in the World is a Mission Family? (2MB image; copies also available in the Narthex)

There are currently two active Mission Families at Grace:

  • Service Seekers
    Facilitator: King Knight
    Elders: Lynn Griffith, Billy Hill, David McDonald, Ronald Redding, Toni Redding
  • Lost And Found
    Facilitator: Mary Jane Marcus
    Elders: John Churchill, Mary Jane Marcus, Adam Kayton, Stan Murrell

Each Mission Family assigns the following jobs within each family to help support its respective members:

CALCalling Captain
COMCommunion & Cleaning Organizer
EBCEveryday Blessing Coordinator
FELFellowship Organizer
MEAMeal Coordinator
REPMission Council Representative

If you are a member or friend of Grace and are not listed with a Mission Family, it must be an oversight on our part!  We want everyone who participates in our church to be assigned to a mission family.  Your involvement in these "small group" settings is extremely important to the life of this church.  Please contact the church office at 426-1233 to be added to a group listing.

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